1) How does it work?


The Cinema Snowglobe is an interactive sculpture invented and created by JD Beltran+Scott Minneman. The Cinema Snowglobe looks just like a traditional snowglobe with a globe of water set atop a solid base, except that when the globe is picked up and shaken, the "snow" (bits of glitter) fall within the globe, and a tiny film begins, creating a virtual world within the globe. If the globe remains still for over 20 seconds (i.e., after the snow settles), the viewer must shake the globe again to re-activate the film and the snow, just like a traditional snowglobe!

The Cinema Snowglobe is made with a glass globe filled with a water-based mixture, an acrylic base, a custom programmed video display, and a custom-designed electronics board and software. It runs through the use of an interior battery with a micro-USB connector (just like a cellphone) for charging.



2) How often should I plug it in for charging?


The Cinema Snowglobe requires re-charging after about 100 viewings or 6 weeks of stand-by. You can plug it into a standard AC outlet with the supplied charger and cord.



3) Can I upload my own content?


Right now, no. The Cinema Snowglobe uses specialized software and hardware that requires us to load the content directly onto each globe. In the future, we plan to develop the globe technology further to allow users to experiment with their own content.



4) How do I get another Cinema Snowglobe for my friends?


Cinema Snowglobes currently are in Beta, but the finalized version, capable of viewing imagery and landscapes in 360 degrees, is anticipated to launch in early 2018. Please contact The Workshop Residence at (415) 285-2050 or theworkshopresidence@gmail.com and they will be delighted to put your name on the waiting list.



5) Why shouldn't I put it in the sun?


The Cinema Snowglobe's water-filled globe acts the same as a magnifying glass, so should never be put in direct sunlight or you may start a fire!



6) My snowglobe has a bubble. It this bad?


In short, don't worry about it. We've discovered that combinations of temperature swings, atmospheric pressure variations, and other environments may contribute to Cinema Snowglobes developing a small bubble. In our experience, the small bubble won't get any bigger, and shouldn't interfere with your viewing experience. If your snowglobe has a crack, on the other hand, or if the bubble gets inordinately large, please contact us and we will fix it.



7) Mine has a little white (or green) cloud in the water - what should I do?


Some of the early globes apparently shipped with an insufficient amount of disinfectant that prevents marine organisms from growing in the water. Please contact us at cinemasnowglobes@gmail.com, and we will replace your globe part with a new one.



8) Mine won't turn on. What do I do?


Some of the early Cinema Snowglobes have a problem if the battery has been run completely down. Please mail or arrange to deliver your snowglobe to The Workshop Residence, and we will replace the battery assembly.