Cinema Snowglobes were honored with the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design 2019.


At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the product won a CES Innovation Award in the Portable Media Category, was ranked by Yahoo Finance as one of the top 12 CES startups, was featured as "one of the coolest startup products at CES" by ZDNet, and got a huge feature in the UK's Daily Mail.


The Cinema Snowglobe also won the New Technology Art Award, an international award given every two years, recognizing the twenty best technology-based artworks in the world. More information on "Update 5," the NTAA exhibition and the award announcement is here.


The Currents New Media Festival featured Cinema Snowglobes in its annual new media showcase in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Cinema Snowglobes with four new film experience were featured at the 44th International Film Festival Rotterdam as a cutting-edge new platform for film and video.


Artist Leo Villareal transformed the San Francisco Bay Bridge into a light sculpture entitled the Bay Lights (the largest LED sculpture in the world). To commemorate the Bay Lights, Villareal worked with Beltran + Minneman to create a special edition Bay Lights Cinema Snowglobe that supported the fundraising effort to make the sculpture permanent.


The Cinema Snowglobe debuted at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as part of the exhibition "The Making Of..."


Dwell Magazine featured The Workshop Residence founder Ann Hatch, artist residents at the Workshop, and The Cinema Snowglobe in an article that you can read here.


The Cinema Snowglobe was featured on National Public Radio and KQED as part of the Kitchen Sisters series, "The Making Of..."


BuzzFeed featured a story by Reyhan Harmanci on the origins of the Cinema Snowglobe. See the story here.